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This Firefox OS media stick sends video to your TV, much like Chromecast

By June 22, 2014Tech

Is this a Chrome-cast Killer?

If you like the idea of streaming media to your TV with a Chromecast but aren’t terribly fond of Google’s content or platform restrictions, you’ll soon have an open alternative. GigaOM has managed to get hands-on time with an unannounced Firefox OS-based media stick that lets you “fling” any content to your TV using any software. It has a hack-friendly open bootloader, and it’ll even mimic a Chromecast in a pinch; while support is inconsistent right now, the adapter can already handle video requests from the YouTube app. Mozilla isn’t naming the manufacturer or commenting on its involvement in the project, but hopefully the gadget ships sooner than later. It may be the key to simple casting from Firefox OS, Windows Phone and other platforms that don’t have many (if any) TV sharing options.