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Cleeton A. Gumbs

Creative Director | Web Developer | Graphic Designer

About Cleet

Cleeton A. Gumbs is a pioneering Creative Director with over a decade of demonstrated excellence in leading dynamic design and digital marketing teams toward achieving unparalleled brand growth. Based in Orlando, FL, Cleeton has carved a niche in transforming traditional marketing landscapes into innovative, digital narratives that captivate, engage, and convert.

With a robust educational foundation, holding a BA in Business Marketing from the University of Central Florida, Cleeton blends strategic business insights with creative brilliance. His journey began in graphic design, where his passion for artistry met the digital world, evolving into a career that defies conventional, melding marketing with visual storytelling.

As a certified SCRUM Master, Cleeton has adeptly led Agile teams through complex projects, driving productivity by 30% and streamlining delivery with precision and creativity. His role as a Senior Web/Graphic Designer saw him revolutionize sales funnel efficiency, enhancing user engagement through meticulous, brand-consistent designs. His leadership as a Creative Services Manager and Head of Web Development underscored his ability to oversee strategic overhauls, significantly improving user experience and digital engagement.

Cleeton’s expertise extends beyond leadership; he is a master craftsman in the Adobe Creative Suite, with a keen eye for design that communicates and persuades. His strategic approach to digital marketing, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of SEO, content strategy, and digital advertising, positions him as a forward-thinking strategist who knows how to leverage technology to amplify brand messages.

Beyond the accolades and accomplishments, Cleeton is a storyteller at heart, driven by a desire to craft compelling narratives that resonate. Whether leading high-impact marketing campaigns or pioneering brand transformations, his vision remains clear: to inspire action, foster connections, and build enduring brands in the digital age.