AT&T Will Be the Exclusive Carrier For the Amazon Smartphone

By June 17, 2014 Tech

Amazon’s much-rumored and eagerly awaited smartphone will be exclusively carried by AT&T when it launches.

According to “people familiar with the plans,” the smartphone—expected to be announced at an event on Wednesday June 18th—will “extend Amazon’s relationship with AT&T, which also provides wireless service to Kindle tablets and e-readers.”

It wouldn’t be the first time AT&T landed exclusive rights to new high-profile phone. Cast your mind back to 2007, and you’ll remember that it held an exclusive arrangement with Apple for the iPhone when it launched, too. That lasted for over three years, and have AT&T a massive lead over Verizon.

The Amazon phone, of course, is heavily rumored and more than a little intriguing with it. Talk is of a smartphone that will distinguish itself with a screen capable of displaying three-dimensional images without glasses, retina-tracking technology and gesture controls.

Source: WSJ


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